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Ardmore Area Players To Watch – Presented By Excel Therapy


Boys Basketball

Shedrick Jones – Ardmore

Shedrick will be entering his third year as a starter. He is a rebounding machine, who does the dirty work so the team to be successful.

Cade Ellis – Healdton

Starting for the first time this year, but the only one coming back with meaningful varsity experience. The team will look to Cade for guidance and leadership. Both of which he’ll be able to provide. 

Jaxon McClennahan – Lone Grove

Jaxon is a point guard and has a great motor. He can score from the perimeter and his mid-range game continues to improve. Jaxon has very good instincts and will be the key to Lone Grove’s success. 

Brian Sanchez – Marietta

Led the team in most of the statistical categories last season. He is very involved on both ends of the court and does not hesitate to dive on the floor for loose basketballs. He was the most valuable returning player from last season as a freshman. 

Collin Wharton – Wilson

Collin is a guy who when he is at his best, the team is at its best. He is an excellent passer with great vision, he does a good job of making people around him better. He has grown into a leadership role and will most likely be a most vocal leader on the floor 

Girls Basketball

Jaclyn Lara – Healdton

Jaclyn is an outstanding leader and motivator. She is a vocal leader and also leads by example. Practices are fun and the rest of the team follows her lead. Her favorite thing she yells at practice is “a quiet team is a losing team”. 

Emilee Hedger  – Plainview

Emilee is one of the hardest-working kids you’ll ever meet. She just puts her head down and goes to work every day to get better. She went down with an injury earlier this school year and the impact on the rest of the team was evident. She brings a competitive drive that is constantly pushing her team to that next level and the other girls look to her for a calming presence constantly. 

Kalyn Forsythe – Wilson

Kalyn does a lot of great things on and off the floor. She lead the team in rebounding and was second on the team in scoring last season. She will look to be a leader for the team this season.


Boys Basketball

Kyle Miller – Lone Grove

Kyle has been a starter for the last three years and has always been a guy the team can count on in big moments. He never misses practice, always stays late to work on his game, and is a great student and teammate. 

Juan Lopez – Marietta

Juan is almost a utility player and has proven himself as a player that can play inside or outside on defense. He has had a few games where he has given his team baskets at the right time. He stays level-headed and always seems willing to do what is needed by the team without any praise. 

Landon Richardson – Wilson

Every game, Landon will guard the other team’s best player, often being outsized. He will also dive for loose balls, block out, and will outwork people is his bread and butter 

Girls Basketball

Neveah Whitfield – Healdton

Neveah started as a sophomore. She was injured at the beginning of last season so lost her starting spot but was never jilted because of it. She just worked hard and has earned her spot back. She dives on the floor, she hustles, and there is no job that is beneath her. She is willing to do it all. 

Allissa Schiralli – Wilson

Allissa is a three-point specialist. She hit 35 three-pointers last season and she did a great job stretching the floor with her shooting. She also is great on the defensive end too. She’s got quick hands and quick feet.


Boys Basketball

Tucker Kirk – Marietta

Tucker has worked hard in the weight room this offseason following his freshman year, working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger. He is a true athlete playing football, basketball, baseball, powerlifting, and track. He will take on a bigger role this season as a primary ball handler along with being more involved on defense guarding some of the better players on the opposing teams. 

Cason Fulton – Wilson

Cason played some major minutes as a freshman, with multiple double-doubles on the season. He has a great feel around the rim and a knack for getting rebounds on both the offensive and defensive ends. He will step into a major role this year 

Girls Basketball

Allie Pickelseimer – Healdton

Allie is an outstanding player on the court and person off the court. When she is in the game, she is the person who, when left open, will make you pay for it.

Avery Wharton – Wilson

Wharton brings a lot of hustle to the team, especially on the defensive side of the ball. She is quick and gives the opponents a hard time when she’s matched up across from them.

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