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Ardmore’s Milana Vance-Marshall – Presented By Owens Insurance Agency

There is a lot that goes into being a successful athlete. Along with all the work and time, they also have to deal with setbacks and other struggles. 

Though they are difficult to overcome, if you work hard you can do it. Milana Vance-Marshall went through a time like this and she says that you have to be focused on doing what you love.

“There was a point in my life when I wanted to quit basketball,” she recalled. “I thought I wasn’t good enough or talented enough. Eventually, I got out of my slump but it lasted for quite a while. I believe that it’s ok to be in a slump as long as you realize that if you keep working hard it’s all worth it in the end because you should do whatever it takes to do what you love.”

Milana is a sophomore at Ardmore High School. She is not really involved in too many clubs or activities for a specific reason. 

“The only club activities I am involved in are the National Honors Society and basketball,” she said. “This is intentional so I’m not spread too thin and can focus on the important things.” Throughout her life, Vance-Marshall has had a number of people that she looks up to. But she has a few that have made a lasting impression. 

“One of the biggest influences or role models for me is my mom,” Milana said. “She raised two kids alone so I respect that. I also look up to my grandma because without her I don’t think I would be playing basketball right now. The teacher that has had the biggest impact on me is Carolyn Shelton. This is because last year she organized eight minutes and forty-six seconds of silence for George Floyd. One hundred and twenty students participated in this during their lunch break. It was important to bring awareness to a problem that has always been here, is what she said when I asked why it was important to her.” 

As a lifelong resident of Ardmore, it is important for Milana to be a positive representative of the city when she plays. “Representing my school and community is very important to me. This place is where I grew up and became who I am today so I want to be a source of pride for Ardmore.”

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